Weird White

by Weird White Wolves



Weird White was recorded with a Logitech USB High School Musical mic by Lee Caldwell.


released October 31, 2010

Lee Caldwell.



all rights reserved


Weird White Wolves St Louis, Missouri

weird white wolves is the music of Lee Caldwell.

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Track Name: Sacred Monster
Lights out they're coming.
Feeling under exposed.
Christmas is deafening.
Sacred monsters.

Quick and our words.
It's finally asleep.
She lays here in a coma.
Fleeting to be saved.

Quick like the monster.
Days turn into years.

Ugly decisions.
Falling asleep.

Quick like the monster.
Days turn to yours.
Death like decisions.
I'm falling asleep...
Track Name: Kiss Of The Spring
where can they take me?
inside this lonely..
No feelings transposed to the sovereign lights.

They won't kiss you.
If she misses you.
The love of another.
Makes no sense.

what have you done to me?
I feel like there's answer.
this place was upside down in the child's mouth.

but they won't kiss you.
unless they miss you.
but she's like no other.
in love with the winter.

feelings. feelings.

they won't kiss you.
unless they miss you.
ghosts like others.
ashamed of what you are.
Track Name: l u m a
they would really love to see this filler shade.
and as ugly as I am they'd fall.
the seasons that mix together...
I'm night and falling down.
they fall down.

in these ugly marks in me.
they lie to me..fate.

the world is such an ugly place.
I'll stay away so I won't have to be so fucking ugly to you.
I'm forest green like the children.
I'm a tyrant and I'm falling asleep at the wheel.

give me what I need.
give me what I need.
the blood of people that I....
Track Name: From Green Ovals To Stars
I was ugly when I was born.
I was torn up and discarded.
and haunting faster.
I'm a bastard.
Be stilled in me and in these dreams a master..

The girl was shown the ways and lactates.
As everyone is talking about space.

Look into the stars and see who's controlling who.
Not me..
I was born ugly.
I returned this earth ugly.
Track Name: Black Wa v v ves
they were hungry.
their eyes were in the back of their heads.
they were spiteful.
and they skin was raining.
I was shipwrecked in the bottom,gray strip.
filthy little vermin dug their teeth into my eyes.
what would they give?

black waves crash over me.
and tear my body.
dark waves steal from me.
are you dead or insane?

give me back my skin.
the earth is quaking and collapsing.
no give me back my skin.
I need to grow in them.

black waves crash over me.
dark waves reside in me.
she filthy with that tongue in her mouth.
it's finely over.
over and over.
Track Name: Television Head
You've got a television head.
no matter what the others say.
we'll find you hiding,but always in the same place.

tell me your secrets.
I'll make them come true.
some things are just too scary.

you got a television head.
whisper all these words in vein.
you're just a troubled girl.
you mean nothing to this world.
I promise it's just this simple fact.

tell me all your secrets.
share with me those ugly things.
fall is your season.

I'm my golden.
I'm golden.

You've got a television head.
No matter what the others say.
Track Name: Ghost Mother
mother where are you?
I'm the spoiled children.
Fate in the summers end.
and all the spoiled have the past.
and where have all these years...
soft unspoken. I don't need it.
we can survive off nothing.
we can eat spiders and centipedes and guitar stings.
we could live in the sewers and it wouldn't even matter.
mother where are you?

father you disgust me because you're filthy,ingrown and without these
thoughts that provoke others.

in this life where does it wash out?
and then we could stay in love forever.

mother did you hear about the girl who lost her arms and got stolen?
mother did you hear about...

the darkness of her and mirrors and my fate.
they all say...
Track Name: tunnels
where is your enemy?
where is the love?
I know there is still some blood here.
Praise to the queens and

the tunnels.
she lies.
and the feeling in her eyes.
and every season.

and every sea.
your fate staring back at me.
your eyes deaf like trees.

and a spine like a fly.
violent past,fade away.
turns the sky gray.

heaven knows she lies.
but still she waits.
in the form of a child,hesitates.
it looks just like you feel down here.